Most common fur questions

1. Why does my fur have a slight odor?

Prior to being fashioned into a ready-to-wear garment, the fur or faux fur undergoes various processes that may result in a distinctive scent. This is a completely normal occurrence, and the most important thing to note is that any chemical odor will eventually dissipate. The more you wear the coat, especially outdoors in natural conditions, the quicker the scent will vanish.

2. Can I dry my fur after rainy days?

It is always recommended to allow your fur to air dry naturally after exposure to rain. However, for faux fur garments, we suggest using a hairdryer to gently fluff the fur, especially following rainy days.

3. How should your coat fit?

If you prefer to wear a thick sweater or a blazer beneath your fur coat, ensure that the combined fit is comfortable. It should rest on your shoulders comfortably; if it feels overly tight, you may have selected the wrong size.

4. Is it normal for my coat to shed fur fibers?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. When the item is initially packed and unused, some fur fibers may shed. This shedding is a temporary occurrence and will only be noticeable at the beginning of your use.

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