How to clean a Fox Fur Coat

Understanding the proper technique for cleaning fur is paramount. Many people mistakenly assume that tossing it in a washing machine or hand-washing will suffice, but this can irreparably damage this valuable garment. Given that furs are frequently worn in winter's harsh conditions with snow, rain, and wind, they inevitably lose their sheen and need cleaning. A simple initial step after each use involves gently shaking the fur to dislodge any embedded dust.

In the event of the fur getting wet from rain, the first action is to vigorously shake it to remove excess water. Following this, gently dabbing it with a clean white cotton cloth is necessary, avoiding rubbing the fur. In both instances, maintaining a calm approach without forceful actions is crucial. Once dabbed, it's recommended to let the fur air dry overnight in a cool, well-ventilated space, hanging it on a broad hanger to maintain its shape.

Another crucial aspect is using a specialized fur brush for grooming. It's vital to brush in the natural direction of the fur, employing small, consistent movements while focusing on small sections at a time.

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